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Problem skin? I’ve totally been there.

Hi, I’m Samantha and I own Skin Deep. My passion for skin care began from my own struggle with adult acne. So, believe me, I understand your frustration with your skin! I discovered that if I eliminated certain foods and products, my acne improved. I realized I could help others with skin concerns using the knowledge I had gained, and my career as an esthetician was born.
Skin care is personal. Skin care is emotional.
When you choose an esthetician, you are choosing a partner in improving not only your skin, but your self-esteem. I want all of my clients to feel supported and understood from the minute they walk in my door. If you are dealing with problem skin, are looking to curb the effects of aging, or simply want to be pampered, I would love to talk to you more about the treatments offered at Skin Deep and how I can help.
Are you ready to start feeling good and looking great?
We all want skin we are proud of and feel comfortable in, right? At Skin Deep, I believe beauty lies beyond the skin’s surface. I practice holistic treatments – nothing aggressive and no acid peels. The products you put on your skin affect your overall health, and what you put in your body affects your skin. I believe the path to long-lasting beautiful skin is by embracing this philosophy and only putting good stuff in and on your body.
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