Isn’t Hyaluronic Acid supposed to keep the skin moisturized?

When you use an over-the-counter product containing Hyaluronic acid, it sits on top of the skin. We believe that the product will help moisturize the skin.

What is a moisturizer supposed to do?

Moisturizers sit on top of the skin and prevent water from coming out of the skin. We naturally have evaporation that occurs in our skin.

After it rains, there are puddles, and eventually, the water evaporates away, and there are no more puddles left. The same thing happens with our skin. If we don’t use moisturizer, water evaporates from the skin, leaving us dry.

We should use hyaluronic acid as nourishment for our skin to stay healthy, otherwise, water evaporates out. Hyaluronic acid only works when it’s inside the skin.

How does Hyaluronic acid work?

Our cells naturally have hyaluronic acid, that’s the scientific name for water in our cells. Drinking water is important because we give our body hydration which supplies the cells in our body with hyaluronic acid to stay hydrated.

When we apply products to the skin, we nourish the skin to stay plump, healthy and moisturized.

The way hyaluronic acid works is like a magnet, it attracts water to the cells. Think of those magnet games you had when you were a kid. You take the pen with the magnet and when you drag the magnet around, the lead beads follow it.

When you put hyaluronic acid on top of the skin, it acts like a magnet, pulling water out of the skin. Hyaluronic acid accelerates the evaporation process, so it ends up drying your skin out. The goal of hyaluronic acid is to get it into the skin.

Here’s a skin analogy to help you understand the role hyaluronic acid plays in our cells.

Healthy cells are plump like a grape. If you were to apply hyaluronic acid on top of the skin, it will be drawing water out of that grape. If we pull water out of the skin, the cell turns into a raisin. It becomes dull and wrinkly. This is why your skin feels dry because your skin cells are shriveled up like a raisin.

How do you get hyaluronic acid in the skin?

Not all products with hyaluronic acid are created equal. Most over-the-counter moisturizers that contain hyaluronic acid sits on top of the skin.

The best way to add hyaluronic acid to the skin is via a serum. There are serums that encapsulate hyaluronic acid to deliver it into the skin. It’s like putting water inside a balloon with a slow leak. The water slowly seeps out and eventually dispurses itself throughout the skin cells. Acting like plumping that raisin back up to a grape.

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