When you wash your face with a foaming cleanser, that’s cleaning your face, right?


Let me explain…

We believe that in order to have good skin, we have to use a foaming cleanser, however, foaming cleansers are not ideal for our skin. Foam cleansers tend to strip your skin of oil and water.

While you might suffer from oily skin and believe oil is a bad thing, it’s completely the opposite. We need oil on our skin.

When oil and water have the right balance, our skin stays hydrated and functions better.

What should I clean my face with? Or how do I wash my face?

You want to start by using the right cleanser. Cleansing is about face massage. That’s what cleans your skin.

When you massage your face, you:

Pores release dirt, oil, and debris that accumulated throughout the day. We must understand, our pores are always open. They get rid of oil, dirt, bacteria, and toxins from inside the body. This is how our body detoxes.

Make sure you’re cleaning your skin well, because that’s where the dirt comes from, inside the body. Dirt is a mixture of oil and sweat in your pores; combined with environmental substances and toxins.

How to wash your face

Add a pea-sized amount of cleanser to your hand, and rub your hands together. You want to massage your face with your cleanser and never forget about the neck. You want to cleanse your face for at least 2 minutes, like brushing your teeth!

Rinse the cleanser with warm water. I prefer a gentle washcloth, you can also use a microfiber cloth. This part is a personal preference.

When you find a gentle cleanser that cleans your skin without stripping your skin, your skin will be happy. That squeaky-clean feeling we believe is clean skin, is your skin telling you it doesn’t like that cleanser. You want a cleanser that makes your skin feel clean and good, not stripped and dry.

Most cleansers are designed to remove oil and water. Oil and water are important for our skin to stay hydrated, plump, and healthy. We have to start listening to our skin and provide it with nourishing ingredients that way it stays happy. 

If you would like help finding a good cleanser, please schedule a free consultation and let us help you find products that make your skin happy!

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