A few weeks ago when I saw this picture of Madonna, it broke my heart. I always liked Madonna! I loved her music when I was young and always thought she was pretty. I thought she aged well, until now.

When did the over-plumped and over-injected look become beautiful?

The beauty industry was built on women with low self-esteem. It’s sad because we teaching our daughters and girls in their 20s and 30s that they have to inject and fill their faces and hide who they are.

What is wrong with this thinking?

I’ve been an esthetician for 20 years; watched trends come and go. Now, with the phones, selfies, and filters, unfortunately, it’s making us want to change who we are!

This is damaging our self-worth and forcing young girls to feel like they have to hide who they are.

The Kardashians started this over-injected & excessive beauty movement and feel like it HAS to stop! We are teaching the younger generations to not accept who they are.

I could stand in my mirror every morning and point out my wrinkles! I don’t do that because I want to encourage you to look at yourself in the mirror and find one thing about yourself that you find pretty.

Maybe it’s your eyes…

Maybe it’s your smile…

You need to start by finding one thing about yourself that makes you feel pretty. And you need to stop hiding who you are. There is nothing wrong with you! You are beautiful just as you are.

And going back to the Madonna thing…
Think about actresses who aged gracefully, like Betty White and Audrey Hepburn, who come to mind.

Aging is normal

Why are we trying to stop aging? I’m 44 years old, proud of my age & the fact that I am showing signs of aging. I’m not trying to hide my wrinkles because they make me who I am. When I talk, my forehead expresses itself. I don’t want to hide that! I want to continue to show off my passion on my face.

Beauty comes from within

I want to encourage you to do something good for your skin and for yourself every day. When you look at yourself in the mirror, you deserve to love the reflection staring back at you.

I want to leave you with this…

What are you going to do today to make yourself feel pretty?

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