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In 2006 I went off birth control because I knew one day I wanted to start a family. After a few months, I was dealing with full-blown acne. As a teenager, I was blessed with clear skin and never had to deal with acne. It was a shock when suddenly, I was suffering from acne.

To make matters worse, I was already an esthetician! Everything I was doing to clear my acne was not working. At the time, I was working in a day spa and had access to good skincare products and acne treatments. When it came to my skin, I did everything I was trained to do, yet nothing was helping to clear my skin.

I remember this one moment, walking up to the front of the spa to treat a new client who was dealing with acne. I took one look at her and I thought to myself, “how am I going to help this girl if I can’t even help my own skin?”

If you’ve dealt with acne before, you know this feeling all too well. You know how frustrating it is when you’ve tried so many products and treatments with no results.

Fast-forward to 2007, I got pregnant and my skin cleared up! With each of my 3 pregnancies, I was blessed with clear skin. Like most women, I assumed my acne was hormonal and once I was done having babies, my hormones would regulate and my skin would clear up on its own.

My 2 younger ones were back-to-back pregnancies and after my third was born, I had a lot of baby weight to lose. I was exercising, eating healthy, and doing everything I could to lose the baby weight. Not to mention, after my daughter was born, my skin was SO bad.

A friend of mine suggested I do a 14-day gut cleanse to drop the baby weight. At the time, I had 3 little ones, and thought to myself, “There’s no way! I’m making baby food, I have 2 little ones in diapers, a kindergartner, and trying to run a business. There’s NO way I can do this!” I thought about it and really wanted to fit into my clothes again. I dove in and I did the gut cleanse.

The funny thing is, after about a week, my skin completely cleared up! And it was at that moment, I realized everything we put into our bodies impacts our skin. Since then, I’ve made it my mission to help my clients learn how to take control of their health and clear their skin for good.

We don’t realize that foods, such as gluten, dairy, sugar, corn, eggs, soy, and peanuts are affecting our gut health and causing inflammation. The inflammation purges out through our skin.

Our skin is a detox organ. Everything we put into our body has to come out, and our pores are our body’s detox system. 

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