Do you remember when facials were only for the rich & famous?

Facials used to be a luxury item, but now they have become more of the norm. I want you to think of getting a monthly facial like going to the dentist. I know, weird, right? But hear me out…

Every 6 months you go to the dentist for deep cleaning and afterward, it’s your job morning and night to brush and floss your teeth. We do this because we want to prevent cavities and keep our gums and teeth healthy. 

Seeing your esthetician for monthly facials does a deep cleaning of your pores and makes sure your skin is staying healthy during each season of life. During that facial, your esthetician is taking a look at your skin and asking the following questions:

All of this determines how we treat your skin during each facial. After your facial, we send you home with skincare products that will support your skin from month to month. 

One important thing to note…it can take 4-6 weeks for your skin to adjust to a new product. In the beginning, you must be patient. It may take time before you start to see results but, as long as you’re being consistent and not swaying away from the products your esthetician has you using, you’ll start to see improvement within the first month.

In the past 20 years as an esthetician, I’ve seen a lot of changes in this industry. When I started, the majority of clients we saw for facials were the older generation and teenagers suffering from acne. Fast forward to now, it seems like everybody has acne, everybody has skin problems and we seem to be aging younger now than we did before. Why is that happening?

3 factors play a role:

  1. Lifestyle – what we put into our body DOES impact the skin. If you remember my video from last week I talked about gut health and acne. Your lifestyle determines how your skin reacts. Are you exercising? Are you sleeping? Are you stressed? Do you smoke? Are you eating well? Are you drinking alcohol?
  2. Products – the products you use, determine the health of your skin. Are you letting an influencer sell you skincare products? I can tell you right now, that influencer knows how to use the right makeup, lighting, and filters to make her skin look flawless. Her job is to sell you products, not help you with your skin.
  3. Consistency – is your skincare routine consistent morning and night? Do you skip here and there? Do you splash water on your face in the morning because you just washed it the night before?

Let’s get into the benefits of having monthly facials

Monthly facial benefits

  1. Facials help with aging because they improve muscle tone. 
  2. Facials stimulate circulation and oxygenate your skin. 
  3. Facials help with fluid retention. Our lymphatic system needs stimulation, otherwise, it can become stagnant. Our circulatory system has our heart pumping blood to circulate through our body. Our lymphatic system doesn’t have a pump. Facials help move fluid through the lymphatic system.
  4. Relaxation, in this day and age of stress and anxiety, self-care is key. Getting monthly facials is a great way to incorporate self-care into your life.
  5. Think of your esthetician as your skin coach. We studied biology in school to understand the science of the skin. We studied chemistry in school to understand the products you put on your skin. What is each product doing? How will the skin react? 

One last thing to note is that you should avoid advice from an influencer. I’m going to use Retinol as an example.

Influencers say things like, “Use retinol because it helps with aging!” That’s all they know retinol does! They don’t understand what retinol does, why you should use retinol, or how it impacts the skin.

The goal of today’s blog is to help you consider all factors when deciding your skin goals. Estheticians will help you achieve that. When you come in for monthly facials, we determine how your skin will stay healthy and how to achieve your skin goals from month to month.

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