You need sunscreen options!

Sunscreen is a MUST! When it comes to sunscreen, reapplication is key to preventing sunburns, sun damage & aging.

Any excess sun or sunburn damages your skin and accelerates the aging process. We want to give you the best options so you don’t have to worry when outside in the sun.

This is why we now offer 2 types of sunscreens to you will be covered (no pun intended) no matter what!

SPF #1: Daily tinted sunscreen

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For your everyday use, we recommend a moisturizer, tint, and SPF all in one! This is perfect for your daily moisturizer or when heading to work.

A tinted SPF moisturizer can even out your skin tone without having to cake on the makeup and foundation. This simple step in your morning routine helps you save time and money on skincare.

There are 2 types of formulations
1. BB cream which is a light tint and ideal for running errands
2. CC cream which is more coverage and ideal for work

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SPF #2: Multi-use Sunscreen

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What about when you’re at the pool, beach, or your kids’ sports games? We offer multi-use sunscreen!

You will need to apply your moisturizer prior to applying this SPF, but when you reapply throughout the day, this SPF doesn’t feel thick and heavy.

PLUS, my kids will actually let me put this sunscreen on their faces! Huge win

This SPF comes in both tinted and non-tinted formulations and is great for pool and beach days or when you’re sitting at your kids’ games baking in the sun!

Click here to order your multi-use sunscreen

Have you tried the multi-use SPF yet?

What are you waiting for?

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