Your skin changes through each season, year, hormonal shift, or when stressful situations strike.

Treating the skin from the source of the problem allows us to achieve the best results from your facial.


New Client Skin Rejuvenation – 90 minutes – $145

– Complimentary Product Evaluation + Custom Facial

First time to Skin Deep?

This is the facial for you!  

We begin with a consultation + skin analysis to get to know you and your skin concerns.

You receive a customized 45-minute facial that is specific to you during that appointment.

We finish off with a customized plan including future appointments and home care so you can continue the results after you leave with glowing skin!

Tier 1 Facial – 60 minutes – $159

– this customized facial treats your skin’s specific needs in one-hour.

Tier 2 Facial – 90 minutes – $229

– this customized facial includes everything from the Tier 1 Facial + uses a combination of peptides and microcurrent to lift, tighten, tone, and detox your face.

Tier 3 Facial – 120 minutes – $275

– Skin Deep’s Signature Facial includes 2 hours of Ultimate pampering.  

Add in total relaxation and the benefits of a neck & shoulder massage and you will be so relaxed and pampered, you will float home.

LED Light Therapy – 45 minutes – $75

– LED works to brighten the skin or calm acne by using either red or blue light therapy.

Men’s Facial – 60 minutes – $159

– men deserve skin TLC too and suffer from oily skin, enlarged pores, acne, and razor burn or bumps.

Deep Cleaning Facial – 45 minutes – $105

-facial focuses on the removal of blackheads and deep cleans the pores

Acne Facial – 60 minutes – $115

-facial focuses on deep cleaning the skin + calming acne with the addition of microcurrent to soothe inflamed skin