Sensitive Skin Cream


Formulated for sensitive skin prone to redness, irritation, and/or presenting symptoms of irritation. Contains botanical key ingredients selected carefully to provide an immediate sensation of comfort and contribute to a smoother skin texture.

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Highly protective organic moisturizer is especially recommended for sensitive, intolerant, dry, and/or eczema-prone skin. This gentle formula contains calming arnica and anti-inflammatory embryonic caper extracts which help regulate skin hyper-reactivity to instantly relieve signs of discomfort and reduce visible redness. This nourishing cream is enriched with biomimetic essential fatty acids which help restore the skin’s protective barrier, replenishing the skin’s hydration. The skin is left silky-smooth, comfortable, and protected. Prebiotics and antioxidants help strengthen the skin’s natural defenses and improve its tolerance to daily aggressors.


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